SANGOKAI water additives

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SANGOKAI water additives.

Effective products for your reef aquarium.

SANGOKAI specializes in supplying your marine aquarium with nutrients and marine elements. We posses more than 20 years of experience in developing unique nutrient combinations and marine supplements. Our entire product range is based on academic knowledge of tropical coral biology and chemistry, combined with an extremely wealth of experience in professional reef keeping. We have been showing and reproducing the long-term positive results of our nutrient products in many customer aquariums since our establishment in 2012. Within reef tank and coral nutrition we have developed a unique combination of organic and inorganic nutrients which help your reef tank to achieve a healthy and natural ecological balance.

SANGOKAI products are unique on the market and are exclusively developed, produced and controlled by us in our own house in Northern Germany. Their application is modeled on ecological operating principles derived from studied knowledge of tropical marine biology, diving experience and live observations in coral reefs, and research and experimentation in the marine aquarium itself.

With SANGOKAI, you not only care for your corals in an optimal and natural way, but you also promote the productivity of your entire reef aquarium and thereby create a long-term high aquarium biological stability as well as a constant and healthy seawater environment.

Only a few months old reef aquarium owned by Alaattin BĂŒyĂŒn (Germany)

SANGOKAI is a specialist in reef aquarium nutrition

SANGOKAI offers a product range which also includes a selection of effective filter media as important tools in reef keeping from a general point of view. However, the core products are water additives and supplements which can functionally be divided into two groups: seawater composition and lime-element balance (LEB), and – most importantly – inorganic and organic nutrient supply.

While the stabilisation of the seawater composition and LEB is a crucial practical task in reef keeping to allow for a healthy marine environment, the SANGOKAI organic nutrient additives represent the heart of SANGOKAI reef keeping. It follows fundamental biological principles what makes SANGOKAI not only a natural product, but also a comprehensive way to generate and maintain a healthy reef environment, high biodiversity and longterm success.

Basically, in SANGOKAI reef keeping the nutrient balance is functionally separated from the lime-element balance (LEB). You can freely decide wether you want to choose a calcium reactor for LEB, or a supplement-based method like SANGOKAI BALANCE. The BALANCE product system exclusively deals with the stabilisation of the lime-element balance (Ca/Mg/Sr, alkalinity) and the long-term optimisation of the seawater composition. It does not supply nutrients.

By applying the SANGOKAI nutrient product systems you will provide the exact same organic nutrient level in any reef aquarium, whether you run a soft coral aquarium with a low calcium and alkalinity consumption, a small nano cube with Zoanthus and LPS corals, or a high-end SPS reef tank showing a significant daily uptake of calcium and alkalinity. The SANGOKAI nutrient products will deliver a constant organic nutrient balance for any type of reef aquarium.

We will attend your journey in reef keeping with the SANGOKAI products at any stage of your ocean at home. From the very beginning with your newly set up reef aquarium and the START products, over the establishment of a healthy reef aquarium microbiology and full tank nutrition with the BASIS products, to the point of a more specific coral supply using the HED products.

You will always find the best fitting product system to cover the individual needs of your SANGOKAI reef aquarium.

SANGOKAI product systems overview

SANGOKAI principles of function and effects

By using SANGOKAI you are not only taking care of your corals.

You will help your entire reef!

Dissolved nutrients are the key to success.

Crystal clear coral reef waters prove that particles and phytoplankton must be very low in quantity and at the same time of extremely small size.

The low particle density is matched by a high water flow and exchange through ocean currents and tides. Consequently, there are only few food particles at a time, which, however, are available for 24 hours and are probably to small for us to recognise.

These specific conditions cannot be simulated by using particulate foods, bred phytoplankton or bacteria. While doing this, food densities were too high at a time, fluctuations in the food availability too strong, and at least, phytoplankton and bacteria bred outside the aquarium would potentially die and build up polluting detritus.

The key to success in SANGOKAI reef keeping are dissolved organic nutrients. They develop microbial biofilms and a living microfauna community which has its origin in the reef aquarium and is staying alive to create a complex and high-quality food web.

SANGOKAI does not contain any compound, which is not part of natural coral reef water.

Your SANGOKAI reef aquarium is protected from harmful effects.

The SANGOKAI BASIS system with its unique micronutrient formula is derived from the natural conditions in tropical coral reefs. This basic and comprehensive nutrient supply is compatible with any reef aquarium. It simulates the natural nutrient conditions in coral reefs using a broad spectrum of dissolved organic micronutrients. Using the BASIS nutrition, you do not need any other nutrient solution like amino acids, no liquid or dry coral foods, no phytoplankton, no live bacteria or similar products for keeping and growing symbiotic corals in your SANGOKAI reef aquarium.

The BASIS system is an autark, self-sufficient system that aims to develop the ability for your reef aquarium to produce its own live microorganisms and plankton. Not only does this make it more manageable and practically easier for you, but you are not adding anything else to the aquarium that it cannot process. SANGOKAI is a healthy and above all biological supplement system that is based on a comprehensible ecological concept.

Crystal clear water and a constant micronutrient concentration maintain your SANGOKAI reef tank optimally and supply it on a broad and solid basis. Because no particulate foods are used, which can be poorly or not at all utilized by the reef inhabitants, the formation of detritus is also reduced to a minimum. Your reef aquarium remains vital.

The dissolved nutrients used in our products are easily distributed by the water flow and current throughout the tank. Consequently, all aquarium inhabitants and organisms are provided with these important nutrients at any time and at any place. This is important for all the sessile invertebrates, sponges, microbes and bacteria which will thrive through BASIS nutrition as much as your corals will.

By the way, the BASIS nutrition is available for small nano tanks, too! The SANGOKAI NANO BASIS system delivers the hole range of functions and advantages in a more compact recipe for your tiny nano tank.


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